Malignant growth: Causes and Cures (Section Two)

Numerous individuals know about the extraordinary works and compositions of Hulda Clark, creator of The Remedy For All Diseases. Do I concur that parasites cause malignant growth? NO! Be that as it may, parasites might be ensnared and associated with malignant growth as parasites can significantly make due in anaerobic conditions.

In the same way as other others who practice wholistic and naturopathic modalities (and with extraordinary and phenomenal outcomes), Hulda Clark was came up short on the nation by the government U.S. government restorative administrative body (crooks, psychological militants, despots) – FDA (Nourishment and Medication Organization). She presently works in Mexico where the vast majority of your great elective disease facilities are found.

The Sun and UV Beams

The bogus idea that God’s sun in the sky causes skin malignant growth is silly. The earth and everything on it is reliant upon the sun, so how on the planet can the regular sun be the reason for malignancy (unusual cell action and development)?

No, the reality the sun infiltrates the skin and heats up the poisons in the blood which causes skin malignant growth. The sun is only cooking the poisons underneath the skin. The sun itself isn’t causing malignant growth. This is ridiculous!

On the off chance that the sun causes skin malignancy, why creatures don’t get skin disease? This is something to consider! The main thing the sun causes is characteristic nutrient D creation in the skin and a tanning of the skin for certain light or reasonable cleaned people. Be that as it may, Fire up. Phil Valentine is 100% right when he says our sun is presently a cleansing sun rather than a recuperating sun because of the considerable number of toxic substances currently circling in the world’s air. At the point when you consider it, man has done a great deal of harm to the very planet he lives on and that supports him. Most likely man is at a misfortune!

Caucasians for the most part experience the ill effects of skin malignancy as a result of the absence of melanin (dull pigmentation) in their bodies. Be that as it may, Caucasians still need regular daylight. They don’t require or require long terms of direct daylight, only a couple of long periods of daylight, particularly in the first part of the day. The best daylight (for us all) to get is toward the beginning of the day with the rising sun. For what reason do you think each news station has a climate projection mentioning to you what time the sun rise and sets? This is accomplished for those wellbeing cognizant people who get immediate daylight each morning (from their glasshouses).

One ought not think melanin is an ensured defender of skin malignancy in light of the fact that intensely melanated people (Africans, Dark individuals) are likewise creating and kicking the bucket of skin disease simply like white individuals, in spite of the fact that not at a similar rate. Malignant growth isn’t a race thing! It doesn’t segregate. Each individual is dependent upon malignant growth.


Diet, a less than stellar eating routine, without a doubt assumes an essential job in malignant growth. The best alleged nourishment based causation of malignancy is MEAT. I have been stating for quite a long time that protein malutilization is the main dietary causative factor of disease.

It is a medicinal and logical actuality that eating cooked nourishments raises white platelets (leukocytes) in the body. White platelets possibly increment when a supposed outside intruder or substance is in the body. These phones don’t assault the alleged remote trespasser or substance however penance themselves to secure the red platelets. Truly, white platelets penance themselves to support red platelets.

For what reason does eating cooked meat raise the white platelets include in the body? Basically in light of the fact that MEAT is unfamiliar to the human body and ought not be in the human body.

The more you cook the substance (meat), the more noteworthy your odds for malignant growth, particularly colon and rectal disease. African-Americans have the most elevated frequency of colon and rectal disease since they cook their meat increasingly “very much done” than some other gathering or race of individuals.

I used to consistently ponder as a high schooler why many white individuals requested their meat cooked “uncommon” and practically crude at eateries. They realized something Blacks still don’t know today. Warmth produces cancer-causing agents, particularly the warmth from grilling. What’s more, no one grills more than Dark people. Dark individuals, by and large, love a decent grill. Give them some pork ribs, some music, some mix (brew) and liquor, and a lot of dominoes and it’s on and poppin’! Let me quit stereotyping! Naw, I’m simply having a ton of fun being genuine in light of the fact that the above situation is valid, as a rule, and in addition, I saw this firsthand from relatives and companions growing up.

What the mind greater part of Dark individuals (and every single others, besides) don’t think about grilling and its cancer-causing impact is that when you cook butchered creature tissue (meat) on an open flame broil, the juice from the meat (which is generally hamburger, chicken and pork) falls on the charcoal briskets and changes over into HAs (Hetero-cyclic amines) which thus ascends as smoke and stores itself in the source substance (meat) and makes another substance called PAH (Poly-cyclic fragrant hydrocarbon). Fundamentally, this is cooked-started malignant growth.

Meat needs proteins not at all like foods grown from the ground, so along these lines, meat hinders the stomach related procedure by sitting in the colon (causing obstruction) and simply spoiling and rotting. Nothing causes fouler fart (gas) and stools than meat does.

Meat sits in the colon and rectum and just spoils and rot. This procedure makes the cells become irregular and the outcome is malignancy of the colon as well as rectum.

A meat eater (baffled herbivore going about as a meat eater) would be savvy to occasionally perform bowel purges and go get a progression of colonics (hydrotherapy) performed to help flush the intestinal tract of rotted creature tissue (meat), mucoidal plaque, and worms and parasites.

Truly, truly, yes! Meat is a genuine causative factor of disease, particularly colon and rectal malignant growth. You like eating: steak, pork ribs, pork hacks, sheep cleaves, seared chicken, pastrami, burger, Store cuts (salami, bologna, and so forth.); ham, turkey, and fish? Simply comprehend the hazard in question.

Did you realize that a significant number of your business purported nourishments contain modern items? Store cupcakes and different baked goods may contain propylene glycol which is utilized in vehicle radiator fluid. Presently what in the hellfire is a mechanical concoction doing in alleged nourishment? Check your fixings, Individuals!

Also, these alleged cooking oils – soybean oil, corn oil, vegetable oil, grease, cottonseed oil, palm or palm portion oil, and canola oil, are pernicious to human wellbeing. Some purported nourishments are cooked in these oils and at exceptionally high temperatures. Nothing is alive that has been cooked in oils at temperatures extending from 400-1200 degrees. To be specialized, nothing cooked at a temperature of in excess of 118 degrees is alive. On the off chance that a thing is dead at 118 degrees, at that point you mention to me what the thing is at 800 or 1200 degrees.

Americans are paying for the entirety of their alleged extravagance nourishments and propensities. All the Starbucks espresso, smoking stogies and cigarettes, eating modest cheap food hamburgers and French fries; cakes (pies, doughnuts, treats and cakes); acidic drinks, particularly the bubbly ones (soft drink – Coca Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Sprite, and so forth.); and the new pseudo caffeinated drinks (Red Bull, Turbo Charge, and so on.); lattes and cuppacinos; fast bite/lousy nourishments (potato chips, wafers, popcorn, and so forth.), and so on, and so forth. ARE DOING AMERICANS IN!

Pulling up to Micky D’s (McDonald’s), Burger Ruler (Booger Lord), Taco Ringer (Taco Hellfire), H. Salt Fish and Chips (H. Salt Fish and Crap), Chick-Filet (Poop Filet), Kentucky Seared Chicken (Kentucky Singed Poo ken), Harold’s Chicken (Harold’s Poo ken), Wendy’s (Farty’s), Jack-N-The Case; Krispy “Coffin” Crème doughnuts, and so on and requesting passing from their menus will in the long run destroy you. This stuff isn’t nourishment, Individuals! The fixings utilized in these inexpensive food items will in the long run execute you. Simply watch the motion picture “Very Size Me.” The buddy in this motion picture nearly kicked the bucket from simply eating McDonald’s stuff/garbage alone for one month. Presently you may not eat at McDonald’s regular, however you might be enhancing McDonald’s with other quick nourishments which fixings are similarly as hazardous as McDonald’s which was shown in “Very Size Me.”

The alleged nourishments your child(ren) is being served at the Open Idiot Framework (State funded Educational System) is similarly as insalubrious as the poop sold at drive-through joints. These school building dinners are bound with hereditarily designed nourishments, SUGAR, and synthetic added substances which contrarily sway learning and conduct. Watch the narrative entitled “Concealed Perils In Children Dinners” (

Something very similar applies for the nourishments served in American reformatory foundations and adjustments offices. It’s everything poo to keep the individuals hard of hearing, moronic and visually impaired and DEGENERATE!

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